Delicious Means Taem Bakery

Where the Warmth of Freshly Baked Goods Meets the Joy of Shared Moments,
Offering a Heartwarming Atmosphere Where Families Gather and Friends Connect Over Irresistible Pastries.

Our History

Taem Bakery Story

“ At Taem, we're more than a bakery; we're artisans dedicated to crafting exceptional bread and pastries. From our handpicked ingredients to our expert techniques, each creation embodies our commitment to quality and community. ”

Marry Lulie - Ceo Chikery

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Indulge in Our Diverse Selection of Handcrafted Delights, From
Irresistible Cookies and Decadent Cakes to Satisfying Pizzas, Burgers, and Elegant Fondant Cakes,
Each Prepared with Care to Bring Joy and Satisfaction to Every Palate.
Special Burger 350.00 Br.
Chicken Burger 320.00 Br.
20.00 %
Special Tea 73.40 Br. 293.59 Br.
Lemon Tea 50.00 Br.
Tea with Honey 50.00 Br.
Strawberry cake 60.00 Br.